The 4 C’s - Color

Diamond Education

The 4 C’s are a standard set forth in the jewelry industry that helps determine the value and quality of different diamonds. It represents clarity, cut, color, and carat. These four factors all contribute to determine the true value of a diamond.

How does the color of a diamond affect is value?
In general, a diamond is worth more money if it has less color. However, there are some rare diamonds that are exceptions to this rule- such as pink diamonds. The rarest diamond is a D color diamond, which is a completely white diamond. This type of diamond is worth an extremely high amount of money.

How is the color of a diamond graded?
Because most diamonds have a certain amount of yellow in them, the diamond color scale is based off of how much yellow is in a particular diamond. During the color grading process, the diamonds will often be compared to something called “master stones”. These are a set of stones that has a diamond that reflects each different grading color. This makes the color grade process more accurate because the people who are determining the color can make comparisons.

Different Grading Scales for the Color of Diamonds:

D, E, FG, H, I, JK, M, LN, O, P, Q, RS, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z
ColorlessNear ColorlessFaint Yellow*Very light YellowLight Yellow
* Starting from this grade, even the untrained eye can see that there is a change in color.

Tips on buying diamonds:
  1. If you have a diamond that has an ideal cut, it is probably ok if it has a tint of color. Because an ideal cut diamond is specifically meant to maximize the brilliance, the diamond will still look bright and beautiful. For example, an ideal cut diamond with an h in color will still look pretty white.
  2. Just because a D color grade diamond is the most expensive, it does not necessarily mean that it is the best diamond for you. Some people prefer the look of a diamond that has a unique color, and a different look.
  3. Most Popular Colored Diamonds- Some of the most popular colors for diamonds includes yellow, pink, blue, brown, and black. Pink has been as increasingly popular pick for engagement and romantic occasions. You could pair a pink diamond with a heart shape to create the ultimately romantic ring. Another rare and extremely beautiful color diamond is the purple diamond.

Different Grading Scales for the Fancy Color of Diamonds: