Education Center

The purchase of a diamond ring can be a daunting task for newcomers. 47 Diamond District gives you all the information you need to know before beginning to search for the perfect diamond.

Diamond Education

Learn the different elements that can influence the quality and price of a diamond.

  1. Diamond Shape
  2. Cut of a diamond
  3. Color
  4. Clarity
  5. Carat
  6. Certificate
  7. Fluorescence
  8. Care
  9. Insurance
  10. Conflict Free Diamonds

Precious Metal

Read what you should be considering when choosing the metal for your future ring.

  1. Platinum
  2. Gold
  3. Silver

Ring Guide

Read our ring guide to help you decide which style of ring you want to opt for.

  1. Three Stone Ring

Engagement and Wedding Ring Guide

Our engagement ring guide contains everything you need to choose the perfect ring for you.

  1. How to choose your metal