What is the clarity of a diamond?

Diamond Education

When people talk about the clarity of a diamond, they are talking about the presence (or absence) of different flaws. The flaws on the diamonds are also sometimes referred to as blemishes. Although a diamond that is absolutely flawless is the most rare, there are plenty of other options that are beautiful.

How diamonds are graded according to their clarity:

If a diamond has an F grade for clarity, it is deemed as being flawless. This type of diamond is worth a lot of money because it has no flaws from the inside, out. On top of being expensive, this type of diamond is also very rare. Because diamonds go through a long process before they are put out on display in the jewelry stores, the chances of 0 flaws are somewhat slim.
Internally Flawless
A diamond with an IF grade in clarity, has 0 flaws internally. IF stands for internally flawless. Although this diamond may have some flaws on the surface, it is still a pretty rare and expensive diamond. This diamond is a good alternative if you have the money and desire to find a rare diamond, but still cannot afford a diamond that has 0 flaws.
Very Very Slightly Included
A diamond with this grade of clarity has flaws that can only be seen under 10 x magnifications. Even so, the flaws will still be somewhat hard to see.
Very Slightly Included
A diamond with this grade of quality is similar to the VVS1-VVS2, but the flaws are not as hard to see under magnification.
Slightly Inluded
Under magnification, the flaws are easy to see from a professional’s prospective. This point in the clarity grading scale is important because the flaws stated above are not noticeable for someone who is just looking at the diamond. They affect how much the diamond is worth and its value- not the way that the diamond looks.
These types of clarity grades include diamonds that have flaws that are visible to the naked eye. They tend to be a lot more affordable than the other options.

When you are picking out a diamond, clarity is only one of the factors that you should consider. The other 3 C’s – cut, carat, and color are also essential pieces of information when it comes to figuring out how much a diamond is worth. You should know about a diamond before you buy.