The Shape of a Diamond

Diamond Education

The shape of a diamond can dramatically affect its style. It refers to the outward appearance of the diamond. Here are some of the most popular shapes of diamonds:

Round Diamonds
A round diamond is probably the most popular shape for a diamond, and features round versus sharp curves.
 Princess Cut
The princess cut diamond shape can be described as a four-sided pyramid. It tends to be an especially popular pick for engagement rings.
Asscher Cut Diamonds
This shape of diamond has cropped corners like the Emerald cut, with shorter sides that resemble a square cut diamond.
 Marquise Cut Diamond
This diamond shape is similar to the shape of a football. Out of all of the diamond shapes, this one typically has a bigger surface area.
Pear Shaped Diamonds
The pear shape diamond shape is the perfect combination of a marquise and a round cut.
 Heart Shaped Diamonds
The name of this diamond shape says it all and this can be a great option for romantic occasions.
Cushioned Cut Diamond
his diamond shape is also sometimes referred to as a pillow-cut, and is considered an antique cut. It can be described as a mix of an oval cut and an old mine cut. This shape is perfect for the person who is looking for something different.
 Oval Diamonds
A diamond with an oval shape is similar to a round diamond, but it is longer in length. This can be beneficial for people who want the look of bigger bling.
Emerald Cut Diamonds
An emerald cut shape diamond is drastically different than a round cut, featuring long lines and dramatic flashes of light. Warning about the emerald cut: In order to buy a beautiful emerald shape diamond, you’ll probably have to spend a good amount of money. Flaws are easier to see in this type of particular shape.
 Radiant Cut Diamonds
A radiant cut diamond shape is similar to an emerald because of the rectangular shape and cropped corners- but is faceted in order to maximize shimmer and shine. It’s the perfect combination for someone who prefers the shape of an emerald, but likes the shine of a round cut diamond.

Although the shape of a diamond will affect the look and the style, it should not be the determining factor in how much you should pay. In order to value your diamond, you will need to know the clarity, cut, color, and carat weight.